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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions we receive from customers when discussing our business operations.

1. Does Classic Closets work with existing closets or just new construction?

  • We do BOTH! Even though we mainly work in newly constructed houses, we also customize existing spaces. Take down that old wire shelving and let us install something completely customized for your space.

2. What areas does Classic Closets service?

  • We cover a large area, including the majority of Alabama and parts of Mississippi and Tennessee.

3. Does it matter what size closet I have?

  • We deal with both large and small closet spaces daily. We work in your small reach-in linen closet and your huge master closet.

4. Where is Classic Closets located?

  • Our main office and manufacturing facility are both located in Haleyville, AL. However, we have outside sales representatives that work from Birmingham, Huntsville, Florence and the Smith Lake area.

5. How quickly can I get my closets done?

  • Once the Proposal is approved, our normal lead time is between 4-6 weeks for installation.

6. How does the process work?

  • First, we will set you up with the sales-rep for your area. They will make an appointment to come measure your space. During your appointment you can discuss specific ideas/wants you may have like additional drawers or shelves, accessories or color options. Once the measurements are taken, they will begin the design process. In this step, they will design a layout to best utilize your space and prepare a custom proposal. The proposal will then be sent to you via email or in person. After approving your proposal, sign at the bottom and mail it along with a 30% deposit to our office for a tentative installation date.

7. What do I need to do before my installation?

For new construction:

  • Please have your hardwood/tile already laid in place. All floors should be stained prior to our arrival. If baseboards aren’t already installed, we would prefer to install our units first. Also, all walls should be painted.

For remodels/existing spaces:

  • All existing shelving should be removed, holes patched and walls painted prior to our arrival. Please let us know if you need to borrow any clothes racks during the clean out process.

8. How much does this normally cost?

  • There are several variables in our price breakdown. Each closet is customized to the customers specific needs and closet size. No two closets are alike. For more information, give us a call to be set up with the salesman in your area.

9. What color options do you have?




Charcoal Chestnut

Cambridge Maple

Chocolate Pear

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